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Sven cleared his throat "in my back beeg sexxn pack was a note "I can't believe my son beegcom is a queer, I saw you suck off Roger, so get out of my life...your Ex Mother!" Frank started to get pissed, but беег she wasn't there for him to land a punch beeg x on. "Who was Roger?" Frank asked. "He's her boyfriend, I did suck his cock for him, but he said beegs if I didn't he beeg tubes would tell her I did anyway, he knew I liked men and I was gay!" Frank looked beag.com up and thought "thank you!" "Sven you need a beeg com. place to stay for awhile?" The boy looked up with some hope in his beautiful face. "Sure, you don't mind?" Frank looked at the boys gray eyed "why should I?' Sven looked at him "because I'm gay!" Frank laughed "So I am and all my friends are too!" He picked up www.beeg..com Sven's back-pack "let's go, I have a beeg porno hot shower you site beeg.com beeg can use to start off with." Sven got in the passenger side "wow nice ride Frank, very nice ride!" Frank chuckled and drove off toward the empty house! When they pulled up in front of the big Victorian Sven let out with a low whistle. "You have a nice beegxxx place Frank!" Frank smiled "I'm glad you approve anal beeg Sven." He opened the door and let the boy in first and steered him to the stairs. "Sven the first room on the right, it will have a number one on the door, go in it has a shower in the room. Take a shower and I'll beeg video bring you up a towel, I'll see what I can find you to wear." Sven went up the stairs two at a time and beeg xxx went in the room and stopped dead in his tracks. He saw a large four posted porn beeg bed, a 40 inch LCD television mounted on the wall. In front of the fire place was a Polar Bear skin rug and on the opposite beeg.c side of the room were a desk beeg ass and a 17 inch lap top. Off to the side site beeg.com beeg of the bed was the bathroom and shower. He stood under the hot water, soaking his slim body and the cast; he forgot to ask for a plastic bag, he took the one out of the waste basket. It had been over a week since he taken a shower of any kind sex beeg and it had been a cold one at the beeg . beach up the coast. beeg sex video He heard Frank hd beeg as he stuck a head in "I brought a beeg lesbian towel and some sweat pants beeg porn and a company tee shirt." Sven came back down and found Frank in the beeg mom beeg xxx Library which doubled as his office. "Hi Frank, thanks for the shower and the food, you know I was getting a bit dizzy there, again thank you!" The man smiled "your very welcome Sven." Sven xxxbeeg then sat in an overstuffed leather chair. "What do you do Frank, for work beeg com I mean, if you don't mind me beeeg asking?" Frank beeg videos cleared his throat bee "I a recruiter and educator for a company called B.T.W., their based in Brussels, Belgium." 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We also have a facility in Montana and one in the Catskills in upper New York. Then there www.beeg are our cruise liners if being at sea is to your beeg moms taste?" The boy said the bed sounded beeg tubes great and he would think the milf beeg offer over. He went to the room talking to himself. "I have no place to go, but I'm not sex beeg sure I want to fuck anyone, but still I would have fucked Roger at the drop of a hat, and I didn't even love him, I was just ready to fuck?" Sven slept in the big bed, it was so comfortable. His mother had given him and old military cot and one blanket. He had to be out of the hose until after eight at night. "I don't want you around while I'm not around. I really don't like beag.com kids, but beeg lesbian my mother wouldn't let me have an abortion, wwwbeeg or I wouldn't have been saddled by a kid. He woke up from a beeg sex sound sleep and remembered she had never kissed milf beeg him or ruffled his hair. 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Mickey laughed out beeq.com loud "I did something right today, then noticed a puddle in between Sven's legs, there were two lines beeg 4k of his beeg .com sperm still trickling down the boys tanned legs. Sven looked up and smiled! Part 2: Frank's prize student! beeg 4k Thanks to Tommy for the idea and incite for this story, also to Cutterman beeg tube who helped me at the start and helped to xxxbeeg unleash what is inside of me. To those great artists, they www beeg com give me the inspiration and some if not most of my ideas! Look beeg com. for Part 5 of beeg xx The Life and Times of begg Jeremy Rush! Part 4 of The World of Martin Keogh and of courts Part 6 of Country Boy Toy! Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 11:14:23 +1000 (EST) From: Tag Fletcher Subject: Educating the Boys This story contains acts of a sexual nature between consenting minors. If beeg..com it is not appropriate for you to beeg xnxx read this for any reason, please do not read any further. beeg hairy Copyright remains the .beeg property of Tag Fletcher, Australia. ___________________________________________________ Twilight began to take shape over the free porn beeg St Xavier's Academy dorms, where the boys of the 'Junior Swimmers Australia Camp' were residing for two weeks. Each room housed four of the boys, with most containing three junior members and one of the older boys to make sure the younger ones were where they were supposed to be. The boys each had a shower in separate cubicles, got dressed and went back beegcom to their room. Australian boys always tended to be modest. There was no exposure to the male form in school locker rooms. Things were always kept fairly taboo. Jason was the first to arrive back to 'Room 22.' He was the senior member for that particular dorm. He was 17 years old, but could have passed for much older. He had the body of a swimmer, muscular yet beeg tube slender. He had jet black hair www beeg com which was cut short, so he xnxx beeg didn't have to wear a swimming cap. His well defined pectorals and beeg indian abs would have had hd beeg a reasonably dense scattering of teenage hair, but he kept them, and his muscular legs, waxed. His tanned beeg beeg body, still damp from the shower, glistened under the lights as he slid into his loose boxers and old gym shirt for bed. He was quite tired and climbed on to his bed with a sports magazine for some quiet relaxation. The silence didn't last long. It was broken by Todd. Todd was 9 years old and didn't act a day older. The lean blond boy was one of the most immature ones on the camp. His mangled mop of hair, which hung down https //beeg.com in front of his face, was the only trace of any on his body. "Hey Jase. Just reading' are www beeg.com ya?" The unenthusiastic growl from the older boy was enough to tell Todd not to press and further. He smiled as he took out his little pyjamas. The dimples on his face formed at the sides of his mouth, and were cute enough even to draw Jason's eyes to them. Todd then climbed on to his bed and sat as if he should be entertained. "Hey beegcom Jase, do you want to play a game." "Maybe when the other guys beeg coom get here." Jason was still not interested but had to concede that he would probably end up playing a stupid little game with his juvenile roommates just so they'd beeg .com leave him alone. beeg vids The door next swung for Tim. He was also 9 years old, beeg 18 but was more like a younger version of Jason. He had raven beeg jepang hair which was shaved nearly completely beeg.com/ off, in an effort to cut off that few hundredths of a second in races. His slight muscles were just starting to form under his lightly tanned skin. beeg mature His "Bondi" undies slid up over his tiny, round ass out of view from the other boys. That was all he wore to bed. The petite beeg hd bulge in free porn beeg the front of his pants was made obvious beeg xx as he walked past the two boys to hang his towel on the rail beeg poto behind the door. "Tim, guess what! Jason said we could play a game once everyone got here," said the still excited Todd as the underwear clad swimmer hopped on to his bed. beeg milf "Is Brendan nearly beeg black done in free porn beeg there?" "I don't know," was the honest reply of Jason's small protege. Silence fell over beeg. the room for a few minutes as Jason continued to read his magazine. The younger boys waited beeg coom anxiously and read through the following day's itinerary. beeg porche Yet again Todd was the first to break the silence. "Jeese, how long does it take someone to have a shower?" "I know!" the other little athlete chimed in. "He's been in there for hours." This was clearly an exaggeration, but the clock does seem to slow when you're waiting for something. "He's probably whacking off." tube beeg the older adolescent threw beeg anal in as he tossed his magazine to the floor. beeg.con "Whacking off?" interposed Tim with curiosity. Todd finished the question for him. "What's that?" "Never mind boys. I'll tell you when beeg mp4 you're older." Jason took a bit of delight in knowing these little titbits that his roommates didn't. He knew that they were just about to enter the age of discovery, and would find out all of these sorts of things beeeg soon enough. The door swung and the boy they'd all been waiting for came in with his towel around his beeg-com waist. Brendan was eleven, but was quite tall for his age. His curly brown hair came up to the neck of the 17 year old when they were both standing. He www.beeg..com also toted some just developing definition on free beeg his chest and in his slightly bulging abdominals. He was only jus out of sight of the other young men, behind the wardrobe, but was beeg sex at beeg porno the age when reservations are few. He dropped his towel to the ground and fumbled around through his messy luggage to find his boxer shorts and his little fitted singlet and slid them both on. While this was taking place, the other two youngsters had been making fun of Brendan for porno beeg taking so long in the shower. Calling him a little girl and even managing to slip in the comment about whacking off, even if none xxx beeg of them knew exactly what that meant. As the barrage of immature insults slowed, Todd remembered the reason that they were actually waiting for Brendan. It had slipped his mind in the childish fun of the moment. "Jase said he'd play a game with us when we all got here!" "I spose beeg. com that beeg x would be cool." Brendan admire Jason beeg xxx and had spent the entire time at camp trying to impress him by not seeming too childish. His fear was that his idol had even noticed his existence. But how could anyone not notice this adorable kid. Still the most excited one, Todd reminded Jason of his promise. "Fine, we can play a couple of games before lights out. We should start with an easy one to get warmed up. Remember to be quiet though, some of the other beeg lesbian guys might be asleep already. What do you want to play?" Jason was not as against having a bit of fun with the boys as he made himself out to be. He just wanted to seem cool in front of them. "Lets play hide and seek." suggested Tim, now just as eager as Todd was for a bit of stupid fun. "Not much room in here." replied the older one. "And remember I beeg hot said beeg tube we should start with something easy. Just like beeg porche when we're training." "How about 'I Spy'?" added Brendan, now too keen to worry about his quest to impress Jason. "That sounds better to start with." approved the acknowledged beeg 4k leader of the room. "Who wants beeg..com to start." "I will!" Todd still had the title of 'Most Excited.' The athletes now each sat on their own beds. Some lay, others sat up. The four beds were arranged in a rectangle and each of the boys were able beeg milf to see the other three with no trouble. beeg.com "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with S." Guess after guess from each boy was in vein until finally Tim correctly threw in Sandals. It was now his turn and the guessing began once b eeg again. All players were quite good at the game. There were no obvious things like Towel or Bed. After a couple of minutes of (sometimes ridiculous) guessing it was discovered that Tim spied the Light-switch. Once again Todd took control of the game. "I spy, beeg anal with my little eye, something beginning beeg mp4 with J." The swimmers once again began guessing. Each boy threw in a number of J words. beeg sexxx 'Jason' beeg porn videos was porn beeg repeated a couple of times but Todd assured the guessers that they had not yet uncovered the answer. There was an unwritten rule to the game which stated that if the speculations continued for as wwwbeeg long beeg moms as beeg mature this without the solution being discovered, the answer would be revealed. The boys couldn't spend all night trying to guess Todd's word; especially since there was every chance it was incredibly obscure. The oldest one took control. "Well Todd you win. No-one can guess it. What was it?" A shiver of pride swept over the youngest boy's taut body as he raised his hand to point at Jason. "JASON'S DOODLE!" An embarrassed Jason looked down at his shorts to www.beeg.com see that the way he was sitting left quite an opening up his leg and into his shorts. He quickly adjusted his position and tried to calm the other three, who were now all rolling around on their beds beeg porno in fits of laughter. The guffaws began to subside as Jason repeated to the boys the need to be a bit quiet. He wasn't sure what to say about what he had revealed. It was not his intention to provide a free show for these pre-pubescent athletes, but curiosity was starting to over-run his mind. It seemed that the others were also curious after Todd's eyeful and Jason's beeg vids puzzle about what to say next was eliminated beeg/ as Tim broke the quiet. "I didn't see it. I want to see it too." this juvenile enthusiasm lead Brendan to respond. "I missed it too. Can we see it Jase." "I only saw the tip. beeg xx I didn't beeg.com see much." It seemed that all of the boys was keen to beeg vids see more of the masculine hero. "I don't think that's a very good idea." Jason was apprehensive and tried to hide his interest, but the others were now far beeg milf too keen to beeg porn let him drop it that easily. They continued xxx beeg to probe the boy, beegs trying to get